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Our Story

The Copper Kettle Popcorn Factory is the destination for hand-crafted treats in the Deep Creek Lake area.

Before he opened his business in Western Maryland, owner Bill Meagher drove trains on the Ocean City boardwalk, where he fell in love with Fisher’s popcorn. After opening the Lakeside Creamery, he would travel back to the Maryland shore to trade chocolate ice cream (Mr.Fisher’s favorite) for some of the famous caramel corn. As his friend and fellow entrepreneur, Mr.Fisher suggested Bill open a popcorn shop at DCL and showed him the ins-and-outs of making this special treat. Though we don’t know the “Fishers recipe”, and choose to have our own sweet secrets, we do have Mr.Fisher to thank for inspiring the Copper Kettle Popcorn Factory!

Shortly after opening the store, which just two cases of caramel popcorn for sale, Bill connected with another expert in the popcorn world. Kettle Corn was just starting to boom in the U.S.A, pleasing those with a desire for sweet and salty. Bill took a trip to Pennsylvania to learn about the techniques, and bought the best copper kettle on the market (you can’t buy one like this anymore!).

Since then, over 14 years of business, the Copper Kettle Popcorn has continued to create the best of the best in all things popcorn, fudge, and candies.

Our staff uses our copper kettles to perfectly pop “mushroom” kernels to a crisp and airy texture and delicately mix batches of homemade caramel. For popcorn not glazed with layers of sweet caramel, we add sugar, cheddar cheeses, or savory seasonings to give every bag a it’s unique flavor.

Each team member signs his or her initials on the bags from every batch, so quality and freshness is not only valued, but assured.

Our candy queen, Melissa, and her apprentices make fresh batches of fudge and hand-decorate each chocolate creation. Along with our handmade selection, we partner with some of the nation’s finest chocolatiers to stock more seasonal flavors.

Copper Kettle Popcorn Factory employs the area’s best and brightest youth, investing in the future of our community and providing a great customer service experience for our visitors.

We invite you to stop in to our store, just a across the parking lot from Lakeside Creamery on Garrett Highway, Oakland, Maryland. Or, call us at 301-387-5655 to learn about our tins and delivery options to have treats sent right to your door or to loved ones in time for the holidays!

Popcorn Factory

20294 Garrett Hwy,
Oakland, MD 21550