Hand-crafted Chocolate & Candies

Just when you thought we couldn’t be sweeter…

Copper Kettle is the area’s destination for delicious and delicately-crafted chocolates and candies, with a fully-stocked case year-round.

Truffles and turtles make a great gift for co-workers, while relatives will love a box filled with coconut clusters, nonpareils, and almond bark brought back from your DCL vacation.

Pretzels covered in white, dark, or milk chocolate and dipped in piles of Oreo cookies, reese’s pieces, M&M’s, and rainbow sprinkles are a hit with the younger crowd.

And don’t forget the chocolate-dipped Twinkies, brownies, Oreos, and peanut butter Ritz crackers – seriously!

Along with our selection of in-house creations, we stock seasonal specialties from some of the best artisan chocolatiers in the country and offer a few sugar free varieties.

 Too far away to visit our store?

Find how you can have chocolates shipped right to your door!